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We still say “I do”!

Reaffirmation of wedding vows is not a new union, but one that has been tested, matured, and evolved over time. It is a time of thanksgiving and assessment of a couple’s years together. It is a celebration of years spent together and a renewal of promises for the future. It is a meaningful, touching, revivifying ceremony not only for the couples but also for the children, family and friends as well. Can you imagine a more beautiful scene than children watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they affirm the magnitude and strength of their enduring love? What greater love lesson? “True love does not wither or die. It merely ripens.” After all these years… after a particularly difficult crisis in our lives, the overcoming of a serious illness or a period of estrangement, after all the ups and downs, after all the trials, tribulations, problems, disagreements, differences, and difficulties we faced, we are still facing, and we will be facing, we still can say, “I do”. “We want to make it new again!”

Last Saturday, June 27, 2015, the Northwest Metro Manila District of PAC had a “Grand Reaffirmation of Wedding Vows” at Knox United Methodist Church. This is in line with the program of our conference in promoting family solidarity. The objectives of this activity were to strengthen the commitment of our church workers’ and their spouses; to reaffirm their vows to each other; and to celebrate the tremendous love that has matured and deepened with the passing of years and how the Lord has amazingly blessed the NWMMD Church Workers’ and their families over the years. The occasion was so amazing. Through the help of the principal sponsors, the couples were given lots of surprises like couples and family portrait, wedding ring, sweet couples cake, couples wine, couples gift, family dinner with lechon, wedding flowers, and wedding souvenirs with photo booth. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Dr. Rodolfo A. Juan, Bishop of the Manila Episcopal Area. The singing group, “Seasons of Love,” Sis. May Limon, and violin soloist, Ms. Bea Alejo provided the romantic music and songs for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, reception was followed at Knox Courtyard. We appreciate the effort of the Grand Reaffirmation of Wedding Vows Committee who organized the said event headed by the NWMMD lay leader, Bro. Reiner Puno, PAC Lay Leader Bro. Jun Sermonia with his wife Sis. Lucy Sermonia. We would like to congratulate Dss. Mylene Mabutas and her husband for winning the trip to Boracay for the “Sweetest and Longest Kiss Award.” We thank God for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate Love!

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